The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) aims to provide the individual consumer with certain rights and protection. acknowledges and supports the intention and spirit of the CPA.

We commit and aim to uphold the principles of the CPA in all our dealings with you, whether it be marketing, the actual sale of goods to you, or after sale service.

This we aim to uphold the by adopting the following principles:

  • We commit to fair business practices in all our dealings with you
  • We will respect you as an individual and also respect your rights as a consumer
  • We take note that you may be illiterate or inexperienced as a consumer and that you may not understand all details relating to particular goods
  • We will give you proper information on the goods we sell to you and will assist you to understand all important aspects relating to your purchases
  • We will treat you with dignity and respect
  • We guarantee you peace of mind

As a consumer you are entitled to certain rights, which we support as follows:

The right to receive safe goods

We will not sell you goods that are hazardous to health or life unless we inform you of the fact that the goods may cause you harm. This information will be found on product packaging, where you will also find adequate instructions on how to use the goods.

The right to receive goods of good quality

All our goods carry at least a 6-month warranty but in most instances a manufacturer’s warranty exceeding the 6-month period will apply. For more detail on guarantees and returns, please see our Peace of Mind policy that deals with these issues.

The right to information

We will give you adequate information to put you in a position where you can make an informed decision on the goods you want to buy.

Although we may not always be in a position to address you in the language you speak at home, we will always try to explain all details to you in a simple and effective manner without using technical terms that may confuse you or that you may not understand. Our advertising material will not intentionally be misleading.

The right to choose

We will offer you a range of quality goods at competitive prices and not force you to buy goods you do not want. However, it may from time to time be to your advantage and convenient to you, to buy a combination of goods at a favourable price.

The right of redress

As a consumer you have various options to address any dispute with us. However, we urge you to come and talk to us first if there is any problem you are experiencing as a result of your transaction with us. We commit to give you the opportunity to be heard and will always try to come to a fair settlement if there is a dispute.

We would like to receive your feedback regardless of natures. Your feedback will assist us in making sure that we provide a very good shopping experience to our customer. Any feedback can be given to our customer services via mail:

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